Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What does it mean to be free?

No, I'm not having philosophical or political thoughts. I'm talking about FREE books and reading. Okay, my free short story to be precise.

Free reads and short stories in general are an excellent way to try out new authors and genres. Often shorter tales give an author the chance to tell a supporting character's story or add background and dimension to characters and worlds. Sometimes there's just a tale to be told and it doesn't take so many words.

Dead Lily Blooms (originally appearing in the anthology Tales From The Mist) now makes an solitary appearance as a free ebook. Part of an upcoming series of stories At Death's Gates, Dead Lily is a paranormal romance. Perhaps a bit different from my fantasy romances, but...not so much.

Someone wants vampyre Lily dead, and a bargain with Death has been struck. Death sends servant Agaar to bring Lily to him, but the task becomes more complicated than either Death or Agaar anticipated.

So, got a free hour? Want to discover *lizzie starr? And all for free? Download Dead Lily Blooms from these retailers:


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let it Goat!

I'm sorry. I can't help it. It's Tuesday.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Let Vivaldi's Winter Go!

Ah, Thursday. A great day for music. With it's popularity, there's a chance that I could be a little tired of Let It Go. (But just a small chance, mind you.) But I'll never get tired of The Piano Guys! Or Vivaldi.

So here's an excellent smash up for today...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

THE New Readers' Site!

ADDICTIVE READS is a group of twenty-three authors who have banded together to bring you books from all genres. Our goal is to provide you with well-written and entertaining reads. I'm proud, delighted, and somewhat amazed to be a part of this talented group.
Most are award-winning and several of our authors are New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors.
Take a few minutes to look around our site. Each author has an individual page with all of their books listed, along with their social media links. We also have genre pages where you can find books in just about any genre you enjoy. 
And we have FREE ebooks for you, as well as collections (anthologies and box sets) from Addictive Reads authors.
As a thank you for checking us out, we're holding a giveaway. You can enter through Friday, April 4, 2014. Winners will be announced, Saturday, April 5th.
We're giving away one $25 Amazon Gift Card, one $20 Amazon Gift Card, and one bundle of eBooks from Addictive Reads Authors, including one from me! Take another look at the gorgeous covers on the banner at the top of this post! 
§  LET'S SCARE CANCER TO DEATH Anthology (Horror) with short stories by Rhonda Hopkins & Gregory Carrico
§  EVIDENCE OF TRUST (Romantic Suspense) by Stacey Joy Netzel
§  DEADLY OBSESSION (Romantic Suspense) by Kristine Cayne
§  ETERNITY OF ROSES (Paranormal Romance) by Natalie G. Owens
§  BIRDS DO IT! (Contemporary Romance) by *lizzie starr
§  AIR: MERLIN'S CHALICE (Fantasy) by Meredith Bond
§  ANGEL OF DEATH (Fantasy) by Anna Erishkigal
§  WANING MOON (YA Dystopian) by P.J. Sharon
§  TRUST NO ONE (Suspense) by Diana Layne
§  ALWAYS REMEMBER (Contemporary Romance) by Sheila Seabrook
§  STARS, LOVE AND PIROUETTES  (Contemporary Romance) by Alicia & Roy Street
§  REVENGE (Romantic Suspense) by Dana Delamar 
§  SOME ENCHANTED WALTZ (Time Travel Romance) by Lily Silver

To enter the giveaway, just go to our ADDICTIVE READS site and follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter near the bottom of the post for your chance to win one of the prizes! Click the banner to get there quick as a bunny!

We hope you'll visit with us often and connect with us on our social media sites. We enjoy talking with our readers.
Thank you for being part of our reading family!
*Please note: If any of the winners do not respond within five days, we may select a new winner and the original winner will forfeit any prize.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Photo credit: alexfrance from morguefile.com

If you flip this picture so the moon cups the other way, you'll have this morning's moon on the way to work. I love the moon.

The sky to the east was just beginning the barest lightening of color to herald the sunrise. And I got to thinking about how, at the end of a program at the planetarium, they lighten the horizon, showing off the silhouettes of buildings and trees, letting the sun rise on a new day. I love planetariums.

It's been a long time since I've gone to a program. Technology and what we know about space has changed. (Yeah, it's been a long, LONG time.) Planetarium programs have changed, too, to show us this new knowledge and far distant aspects of space in brilliant, simulated colors. 

But today I hunger for an old-fashioned planetarium show. The voice from behind the control panel explaining the sights overhead. The stars in simple glory as they appear here in Nebraska. Or in South America. Or the North Pole. A simple light points out each star as the sparkling dots are connected to create animals, heroes and gods that peoples named so long ago. Then it's fun to see an image overlaid--although my imagination has no problem performing that task itself! And how the stars move in a night, a month, a year.

And yes, I'm wishing for the gentle music signaling the sun.

There's a planetarium at the museum in my home town. So we had plenty of school field trips and summer excursions there. Perhaps that's where my love of space, stars and the moon began. How about you? Do you have any favorite planetarium memories?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BEAT IT - Misty Mountains Jackson Mix (Full Version)

It;s been awhile since I've shared a parody. Well, this isn't really a parody, more like a really, really cool cover.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Read an Ebook Week 2014

Anytime is great for reading an ebook, but this week is even better. There's a wealth of free and specially reduced price books at Smashwords this week...

...including four tales from The Double Keltic Triad.  

By Keltic Design is free for the week! Fires of a Keltic Moon, Keltic Flight, and Wild Keltic Carouselle are all at 50% off! 

Stop by my author page at Smashwords for links to each book and their coupon code. Or click on the covers below to go directly to that page. Can't be any simpler than that! And I love simple.

And of course there's a virtual library as Smashwords where you can lose yourself while discovering books to thrill your soul. It's a good thing.

Now, if you will excuse me...I've got to go read an ebook! Have a great Read an Ebook Week everyone.