Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's National Cranky Co-Worker Day. Now, I don't know if that means you need to join them in their crankiness or simply be understanding. Or avoid them.

A couple days ago I was one of those cranky co-workers--although a good deal of the attitude was for fun. In my guise as the lunch lady, I work hard planning meals I think my kids would enjoy--and trying out new items to vary our menus. However, there's a couple classes this year who have a thing for the alternative main dish--peanut butter sandwiches. On this day, way too many kids chose peanut butter, even when I explained the main item was one of their favorites (pizza) simply in a different form.

I should know better.

I frowned and told the kids I was cranky since they wouldn't try my good food. Yeah, like that worked. "But I like peanut butter." And, in truth, better they eat a pb&j rather than nothing!

The next day, one of the kindergarteners asked me if I was still cranky. I made a silly face and said 'no', and was rewarded with a smile.

So, be kind and understanding to your cranky co-worker today. The reason may be nothing more than a peanut butter sandwich!

Today is also the National Day of Meditation. A good way to counteract the crankies. And help them, and yourself, feel calmer and more in tune with your surroundings.
Whichever day you plan to celebrate, enjoy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Favorite Blog of the Past Week

Nathan Bransford is away from his blog for the week and has had some excellent guest bloggers.
This blog, by Quill, 'Writing Practice, What Works For me' is filled with great possibilities. Well worth the time to take a look!

Make sure you read Scooter Carlyle's comment!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Unadilla Hog Hunks--The Bartling Brothers

Remember these brothers? Muscles, hair, smiles, hair, book covers, hair?

Today the Lincoln Journal Star has an update of the Unadilla hog farmers.

Check the article out here

As a teaser..."Jim, 44, lives on the farm near Unadilla. He's divorced and has two sons -- one a student at Doane, the other being recruited to wrestle at Ohio State.
He and his sons work out most nights at the gym the brothers built in Unadilla.
And for the record: Jim recently did 52 wide-grip pullups. He bench-pressed 225 pounds 40 times without stopping. (His chest: 51 inches.)"
The Bartling brother past wasn't all that long ago for romance authors and readers. It's great fun to catch see waht they're up to now!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Word Smile Day 2010

One day in 1963, Harvey Bell, a commercial artist from Worchester, Massachusetts created the smiley face. We all know how commercial the smiley has become, and worried about that prospect, Harvey declared the first Friday in October to be National Smile Day.

Smiley faces know no politics, no geography, no religion and for at least one day a year, neither should we.

Since the first Friday of October, 1999, we've been celebrating World Smile Day. Dedicate yourself this year to this one day of smiles and acts of kindness.

Click on the poster and visit the official World Smile Day site.