Thursday, July 30, 2009



Need I say more?

But after too many days of packing and moving boxes, bags and furniture... I've begun to settle in. Sort of.

Why is it even now I can't let go of stuff that's been in a box for over a month and I haven't missed? My To Be Read shelf(ves) are like my credit card balances--I'll never see them empty--meaning there's no way I'll ever be able to read all these books. (Thank goodness the audio books are hidden on a computer. LOL) Twenty quilt projects from now, I'll still have fabric.

Why is it so difficult to let go?

So, I'll take a deep breath and be brave. No, not brave--ruthless! Like a pirate I'll take my cutlass and carve a path through the clutter.

Only one question will remain...Why didn't I do more of this BEFORE I moved!

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September's Blue Keltic Moon

My newest tale Blue Keltic Moon will be released in September...

here's a review as a teaser.

"Enter the fascinating world of Blue Keltic Moon which continues the story of The Prince of Darkness. A griping read about Breanna, the leader of Alastriona. She fights to save mankind while trying to win the love of her life, protect her family and keep an evil elemental from reentering the world.
If only we could all find the soulfire to light our life the way Breanna and Gowthaman do.~~Tina Gayle
And, be sure to check out author Tina Gayle at