Thursday, September 18, 2014

Doxies for 2015!

Every year I receive a dachshund calendar for my birthday from my brother. Today is that day! 

calendar is from brown trout
I use this calendar as part of my writing routine--recording words written, deadlines, events relating to books and writing, notes for current and future works, books I've read, oh, all kinds of stuff. In the past I've given myself stickers for celebrations--and I think that would be a grand thing to begin again this year.  Bonus for this year--the pages aren't coated and shiny, which should make it much easier to write in without smearing. I hate smeary writing...sometimes it's difficult enough to read what I've written without any extra blurring.'s a 16 month calendar that I can start using right now!

Okay, so for the rest of the year I'll have two doxie calendars on my desk. I can't miss any of the great photographs. Below is one that caught my eye as I thumbed through the new planner. So cuuuute! And look--there's lots of spaces for notes for each week as well.

So, how about you? Do you use a calendar or desk planner? Do you look for something different each year, or are you like me and stick with what works for you? (I've tried other calendars that I've loved to look at, but for using consistently to keep my writing more or less on track? It's got to be the dachshunds!)