Monday, September 30, 2013

Do Mondays Always Have To Be Monday?

Mondays are okay. I really don't mind them. But do they have to be stereotypical?

Today's list: Since I'm the lunch lady at a church school, there's usually little bits and pieces of the weekend I need to tidy up before I can start my work. No difference there today. My helper is sick (Get Well Soon!!!!) so I have her duties to remember to get done. It's getting cooler out, so the mice are moving in...disposal time for a nice, fat pair. The little drip tray from the dispenser I use for ice water at lunch has wandered off. That's the weird one.

The kicker for today---my delivery went to a different school. In a different CITY! Good thing I wasn't planning on any of that for lunch today. Or tomorrow. 

And it's only the middle of the morning! 

How's your Monday?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

While I'm at a Food Show... Blue Man Group and Kodo

While looking for a video for you for today, I discovered this! The Blue Man Group and Kodo. Together.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

An Experience In Blue

Today I had the pleasure to see the Blue Man Group.
This was the second time I've seen these remarkable performers and had the chance to experience their unique blend of music, comedy and wild multi-media fun. This time there were more children in the audience--their laughter was contagious. 

I loved the music the best--who knew you could make such sounds with plumbing pipes. But like they said, the world is interconnected through our plumbing. And I'm glad the building was sturdy. The deep base vibrations even made the water in my bottle vibrate. Nice.

At one point, the Blue Men were playing Lady Gaga. One by one they brought out Gaga headgear. Except... they are in Nebraska. So the last man brought out a cornhead. If you're from Nebraska, you can imagine the cheers. If you're not from Nebraska... this is a cornhead.

During the bows at the end, the group brought out their musicians and the backstage crew. That made me happy. I will always add my appreciation for those behind the scenes--who are not often remembered. Thank you to the Blue Man Group--and their supporting players.

Friday, September 27, 2013

SIblings Understand More Than We Think

There are certain grammatical and spelling errors that make my teeth hurt. Unfortunately, too many of these are oh, so common. I am FAR from a grammar expert and my spelling is...fair. I can usually get a series of letters close enough that spell check will offer me the word I wanted. But not always.

Yesterday's painful word was clinched. Instead of clenched. My fingers tremble simply typing those words. My mumbles turned into more than mumbles---but I certainly didn't go on a tirade. Still...

My sister looked over at me and said...

...then gave me a smart ass grin.

She knew. And we had a good laugh.

But... she didn't offer me a warm beverage.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Day to Celebrate Time.

On this day in 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show premiered. I truly appreciate a man in makeup. Maybe this movie started that... obsession.
Of course, when you're talking about time...

But that's not the only timey wimey bit for today. The BBC announced on this date 10 years ago that Doctor Who would be returning, bringing the big blue box back to us.

The Doctor's been traveling in and out of our time for 50 years now! A 'new' Doctor regenerates later this year to hold the key to the TARDIS...and our hearts.

So how will you celebrate time with me today? Just remember to use it wisely!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Face Palm, Head Desk, Refrigerator, Sheldon

It's one of those days. You know, the ones where you should have stayed in bed? Or perhaps I should blame the computer breakdown for crashing over to the rest of life.

Did you know it's really difficult to work on a manuscript when the word option on the old computer is even older? It's a challenge to work with formatting when...well, let's just say sometimes Word has a mind of its own. Or doesn't recognize a file location. Arrgh. Face palm.

And doesn't it make you just a tad bit frustrated to have lovely, beautiful looking fresh peaches planned for lunch, then when you start cutting them for service, they're all internally bruised, grainy and dry? Or when you don't catch that perfect moment when the burrito is heated perfectly and when all the meaty, cheesy goodness bursts forth? Or when the milk delivery guy, who always fills the service line cooler--doesn't? Head desk.

What does the refrigerator have to do with all this? Ah...while digging for my yogurt this morning, wondering why my household really has three--THREE--open containers of sour cream, I conked the back of my head on the freezer door.

Something tells me I should have known.

But, in happier news--on this date in 2007, The Big Bang Theory premiered.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Challenge of a Challenge

September 23. Besides being just a day in September, it also the day that marks only 100 days left in the year. So, it's time for a challenge or two--because I do love a 100 day challenge.

I've offered up the first challenge to my local writers group, Romance Authors of the Heartland. That challenge is to write 100 words a day for these last 100 days of 2013. Even if not a single word more is written, that's 10,000 words. A short story. A healthy portion of a novel. Easy peasy. The thing is... in order to do any challenge, no matter how small, one needs to be committed. Sometimes that's not the easiest challenge after all.

I have committed myself to these 100 daily words.

And, I'm also challenging myself to blog here every day. Some days you might find some thoughts that actually come from MY brain. Other days I'll share a favorite song or parody. Or some other bit of this and that. You never know what may interest me from day to day.

The challenge I face right now--the home computer crashed. I did have warning, but still... Later today I'll switch out the damaged 'puter with an older one that's been sitting around the house waiting to be donated. Hopefully it will work fine after a long rest and cover the gap until other new and exciting arrangements are made. It's a Monday, as typical as any Monday can be. Discovered water all over the floor at work. Not a joy at 6:30 in the morning. But hey, I'm handy and turned off the water to that device. It just means I don't have any hot water in my prep sink. We won't even go into the number of out of stock items in my delivery.

I'm smilin' in the face of these minor challenges. Really, I am. To help us all smile, here's my current favorite parody!