Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fly Well and Free, Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey 
April 1, 1926-November 21,2011

I read my first Anne McCaffrey tale when I was in college. And so started my love affair with the many different worlds of this talented lady. From dragons to psi talents, alien invasions and romance, Anne carried me from world to world, never giving me the chance to doubt the reality of what I read.

Through my encouragement, others discovered these worlds, eagerly awaiting each new tale, then devouring that book as soon as it hit the shelves. What great discussions we've had!

As a writer, I've been told I create believable fantasy and far distant worlds. A good part of the credit for that goes to Anne McCaffrey and the example she set, both as a world builder and as a pioneer and master of science fiction. 

She is my writing hero.

There's much written about her on the web, but if you're interested in a summary, wikipedia does a fine job.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Homemade Bread Day

November 17 is Homemade Bread day!  Imagine the bright yeasty smell of bread just pulled from the oven. Sweet or savory, fresh bread is a treat too many of us forego in our busy lives. Even stopping at a bakery for a loaf takes planning and time, but isn't it worth the thrill on your taste buds?

Thank goodness many grocery stores now carry a wide variety of freshly baked breads.

I enjoy baking bread, for more than just the lovely aroma. I love the feel of the dough, the soft, elasticity that comes from proper kneading. The stretch and pull as the gluten knits together. Mmmm.

I'm planning on making a huge batch of my special sweet dough next week in preparation for holiday gatherings. Since my shoulders won't take the amount of kneading needing :) to be done, I'll prep the dough at work where I have a large mixer with a sturdy dough hook.

But don't worry. I'll still be getting my hands involved. I can almost feel that perfect texture now.

So, do you make your own bread? What's your favorite kind to make--or eat?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Latest What If...

A few days ago I watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast, one of my favorite of Disney's animated tales. And as is often a welcomed curse to my writer's mind, a 'what if...' came calling.

In the movie, Beast saves Belle from a pack of wolves and is bitten.

If that wolf had been a werewolf, I wondered if Beast, since he was already cursed, would become human at the full moon.

And just because he made a wonderful Beast...

So, what do you think? Would a full moon bring out the human in Beast?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keltic Flight

The third book in The Double Keltic Triad is now live and available for your e-reading pleasure.
Korin Goodfellow loves the Gentry maid, Nanceen. In order to woo her, Korin bargains with his evil king, who sets seemingly impossible tasks. The first? She must believe in him.
But the folk of Faerie, the Gentry, don't believe in the odd assortment of beings who make up the wee folk. And definitely not in fairies.
Nanceen doesn't know what she believes. Until Korin calls to her, then makes his way into her world, becoming a wingless man she can see, touch, believe in.
Will the rat king's conditions drive a wedge between them, or force Korin to confrontation, to battle, risking his life?

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