Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Why Drag?" asks the Queen

You know those times when you wake up early, but basically refuse to get out of bed--because it's early? Then you lay there and the thoughts just meander in and out of your head? And you end up wondering, what the hell?

Yeah, it was one of those mornings. Here's only part of the internal riot.
Captain Kangaroo and Cinderelly...

 Sure, they go together. Back in the days of black and white Captain, he dressed as Cinderella and danced around with mops and brooms to the song from the Disney movie. Really. I remember loving it.

So this morning, I wondered if this television event colored my world view and led to my joy and adoration of drag queens.

Really? That's what the Sunday morning brain came up with?

Such is a peek into the mind of a writer. The Queen part? That has nothing to do with drag queens. A few special ladies have named me their queen, and so, queen I must be. :)

Now, I really should write a story about an Amazon. In space. With an attorney. And Ru Paul.