Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer of Three Success!

 At the end of the last school year I made a goal for my summer break--to re-release three books in three months. Although I may have to stretch those months just a bit since the first of the three appeared at the usual e-book sellers the very end of May, the third book has hit the cyber stands!

A Faire Keltic Renaissance completes the story cycle of the Double Keltic Triad bringing lots of happy endings to many worlds. I do love a happy ending, don't you?

So the series has ended. And after six books and so many years with the Zeroun clan, it's rather sad. But the family, and their tales do go on. While the timing of my second summer release, Prince of Dark Ness, slips between the fifth and sixth books of the Triad, that story continues into the next Keltic series...Children of the Triad.  Book one will be available late September or early October, 2013. Whew. That's almost four in four! Can she do it?

Now that I've confused you with books and series and multiverses--here's this month's release.
A Fair Keltic Renaissance 

It ain't easy being fey and the subject of prophecy.

When her uncle disappears into the world between worlds, Lucidea discovers it ain't easy being fey. Especially when he had no idea her father wasn't human. Now, as the half Alfar-Sindhu heir, she's forced to assume the leadership of a parallel, underwater world.

Then she meets Jaysson Zeroun...

...who has Otherworldly issues of his own. Once again evil plagues his clan and protecting a newborn child takes priority over personal dreams. When Lucidea offers a solution, the family accepts and Jayse willingly accompanies them to Scotland. He just doesn't know how Lucidea will react to the news he's a quarter Faerie.

Three worlds are in danger. Ancient prophecy might defeat the separate evils, but will it also bring them love?

Coming soon to itunes!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Visiting here and there

A great day to everyone! Today, besides being at work attempting--with little success--to get my kitchen in order, I've also gone visting.

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I'm still spending time at the TRS End of Summer Bash--click on the banner to the right. You can find my post(s) by clicking *lizzie starr from the list on their left. 


I'm at Authors By Moonlight  talking a bit about cooking and writing.

Come visiting with me!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

End of Summer Bash!

The Romance Studio is hosting a party this week with nearly 150 authors! Click on the banner to the right and you'll be transported right to the party! You'll be able to check out the list of authors and click on them to find posts by your favorites. But don't stop there!  Read the posts, watch the trailers, enjoy the excerpts. And register for a ton of prizes, including an Amazon gift card! Those are the best! I'm giving away handmade jewelry.

And... if you follow this blog (new or old friends are all welcome!) and leave me a comment by Saturday August 17th, I'll toss your name into the random generating hat and do a draw for even more fun, summertime jewelry.
Not this exactly--but like this.

Enjoy the End of Summer Bash and find lots of great books!