Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday Night Fun

Last Friday night--or was it Saturday morning--on my way home from critique I met up with...

A DUI checkpoint. And all I'd had to drink was water.

Okay, so it way about the time folks would be heading home from the bars, and I was on a busy street. Thank goodness I had my seatbelt on!

After driving down a long stretch of street lined with traffic cones, then being blinded by what had to be the brightest flashlight in history, I handed over my license and insurance card. Luckily the officer decided he didn't need to see my registration--the glove compartment isn't the neatest.

Question--Have you had anything to drink tonight.
Answer--Nope, nothing but water. (and quite a lot of that. Should I tell him I'm only about a mile from home and the bladder knows it?)
Then questions about the stop. Did I mind? Naw. Do I think checkpoints help stop DUI? Ah, now there's the question...

Let's see. They had to give fair warning of the stop. And the lighted sign was positioned far enough away from the stop if thinking cells were present the driver could turn off. (Actually, the sign's what saved me with the seatbelt issue!) But I'm not sure a DUI person would have those thinking cells in operation. If they did, they wouldn't be driving.

And it was rather imposing to have half a dozen officers milling about nearby...just in case.

But with a smile and a thank you from the officer, I was on my way...

I've got to say a huge thank you to the men and women who strive to keep the streets safe! A brief stop anytime is worth that!

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