Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feeling my Age--Part One

Yesterday I spent a little time browsing magazines at the store. And I came across a Tiger Beat. They still do Tiger Beat? Wow! So, I took a few moments to glance more closely at the cover.

Wait. Who's Justin? (Please, don't inundate me with who he is, or how cool. I get it, okay?) But, doesn't he look kinda like...

Well, maybe it's just my old eyes. Not that I enjoy 'dating' myself (Yes, I am a bit older than my profile picture) but thinking about Tiger Beat brought back some fond memories. Tiger Beat's been around since 1965 but didn't become truely popular until later in the 60's with The Monkees. I watched the Monkees on TV--my Dad let me choose one half hour of TV a week. I chose the Monkees. He, uh, didn't like them, so went to bed. That meant I got to watch Laugh-In as well. But that's another story.

I didn't really have to have my monthly issue of Tiger Beat until the early 70's though. That's when Donny started showing up on the cover. Along with Jack Wild, Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy. Folks remember David well for being a Partridge, but what about Bobby? He was the youngest brother on TV's Here Come The Brides.

But my favorite? Jack Wild.
Hey? Isn't that the same haircut?
For a brief history of Tiger Beat, visit here.

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