Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flowers and Memories

When I moved last July, I dug up a few flowers to transplant at my new home. July in Nebraska is not an opportune time to be transplanting much of anything. Including people! But these were plants that came from my Grampa's garden, flowers that had moved with him as long as I can remember--and even before I had memories. So I couldn't leave them behind.

With fingers crossed, and my brother's help, we transplanted iris, daisies, peonies, and what my family has always called Burdetta lillies after my grandmother.

Knowing peonies take a couple of years to settle in when they're divided and transplanted under good conditions, I was delightfully surprised when one of my plants had a single blossom.
 Smaller than the mega blossoms next door, still, isn't it a beauty? For another brave Nebraska peony, take a look at Mary's beautiful blooms.

I didn't worry about the daisies. They're efficient growers and love to spread. That's what I'm counting on. 

Burdetta lillies--These are special, like the iris I posted about earlier, because they were part of the flowers my great grandfather helped plant along local highways. There are still a few places where the long ago plantings still bloom along the road, making a trip down a slower paced, shady highway a treat. I watched the area where I planted them carefully and hallelujah--they prospered and bloomed. 
With these flowers around me, memories of my grandparents are strong in my heart. The memories--and the flowers--will follow wherever I go!

**Photos courtesy of John Shaver


  1. They look great! SO glad they turned out well! I have ferns from my grandpa's house

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your grandparents and your life. Thanks for sharing. They are beautiful!