Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's National Cranky Co-Worker Day. Now, I don't know if that means you need to join them in their crankiness or simply be understanding. Or avoid them.

A couple days ago I was one of those cranky co-workers--although a good deal of the attitude was for fun. In my guise as the lunch lady, I work hard planning meals I think my kids would enjoy--and trying out new items to vary our menus. However, there's a couple classes this year who have a thing for the alternative main dish--peanut butter sandwiches. On this day, way too many kids chose peanut butter, even when I explained the main item was one of their favorites (pizza) simply in a different form.

I should know better.

I frowned and told the kids I was cranky since they wouldn't try my good food. Yeah, like that worked. "But I like peanut butter." And, in truth, better they eat a pb&j rather than nothing!

The next day, one of the kindergarteners asked me if I was still cranky. I made a silly face and said 'no', and was rewarded with a smile.

So, be kind and understanding to your cranky co-worker today. The reason may be nothing more than a peanut butter sandwich!

Today is also the National Day of Meditation. A good way to counteract the crankies. And help them, and yourself, feel calmer and more in tune with your surroundings.
Whichever day you plan to celebrate, enjoy.