Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Extraterrestrial Culture Day

Even though this picture is of the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada, New Mexico is the state that celebrates a holiday the second Tuesday of February--Extraterrestrial Culture Day.

This day is "to celebrate and honor all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors in ways to enhance relationships among all citizens of the cosmos, known and unknown."

Enhancing relationships with extraterrestrial visitors. Hmm, a popular theme in science fiction and futuristic romances, isn't it? Even if one of the worlds isn't our own earth.

My own tale Dancing the Stars is the story of people from different worlds and the merging of their cultures. Here's an excerpt:

He lifted his glass and encouraged her to drink and watched while she took her first sip.

His teasing grin met her startled exclamation. When her mouth puckered from the blast of sourness flowing over her tongue, Niallan leaned forward quickly and kissed her. Cooling and refreshing her mouth, a soothing sweetness followed the sour. Irisa ran her tongue along her teeth to chase the strange mix of flavors.

“This is wonderful.”

Niallan took a sip and closed his eyes. “Ah, ambrosia. A flavor to be remembered through the coming seasons.... The sour is to remind us of the old, the passing year. Whether the past was bitter or sweet, on this night we remember. And with that remembering, we pledge ourselves to the Changing Year, changing our lives to meet our new challenges."

Drumming began in the distance, the deep throb pulsed through her body. Horns blasted from another direction. A different, opposing melody, composed of human voices, sounded from a third direction. The wailing of Halibatt’s unusual, eerie instrument, pitched both high above and as a base counterpoint to the other instruments, filled the air from across the square. Irisa swiveled her head from one direction to the next, until a mass grouping of instruments began to play from the end of the fifth street that opened onto the square.

She winced. Each group played a different song, differing rhythms filled the entire square with loud discord. The noise increased as the groups moved closer....

The drummers entered the square as each large man beat a differing tempo on a variety of skin-headed drums. The other groups filled the square, followed by a noisy trail of people waving banners and tossing small packages into the crowd. Niallan caught many of the shiny squares and piled his collection in her lap.

The noise in the square became deafening. The cheers and calls of the crowd elevated the discord of the musicians high into the sky. The bells rang again, bringing silence to the city.

When the last of the metallic ringing faded away, a single voice lifted in soft song. One by one, the musicians joined the singer, each playing the melody or a pleasing harmony. Niallan rose and lifted Irisa to her feet. The tiny packages fell to the ground. With his arm around her, they began to sway, matching the movement of the crowd.

A rumble vibrated along Irisa’s side. Confused, she glanced at Niallan. He was singing...

Whether you are a believer in Ancient Aliens or not, the glorious multitude of cultures on just this one little planet are worthy of discovery...and celebration!

Find out more about Dancing the Stars here!

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