Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tales From The Mist--The Blog Hop

Sharing the pages of this amazing anthology with eleven other indie authors is a dream. On this, the celebration  and release of Tales From The Mist,  we're excited to share this collection of nightmares with you, sweet readers.

My tale, Dead Lily Blooms, is a departure from my usual fantasy. I've not written a character like Lily before--simply because I didn't want to follow all the usual conventions of her kind. Here, let this excerpt introduce Lily and her desires to you.
Lily wanted him.

Like the pervasive, sensual beat of Latin music blaring from the monstrous speakers, thrumming through the blood stream to draw upon the souls of those surrounding her, awaiting her tale, she wanted him.

More than the rising sweet scent of flowing life, she wanted him.

For this night, he would be her obsession.

Ah, but he was young, not much older than she appeared to humans. The laughter rushing through her mind held a strange, mocking tone. After all this time virtually everyone was younger.

She inhaled, searching for his scent through the crowded bar. There. Young enough still to hold the sweet aroma of youth. Lily sensed within him a compelling wildness; a bit of darkness she’d learned held the strangest of appeal. A wildness she vowed to discover, to unleash. And then tame.

But perhaps she wouldn’t subdue him too much. Lily smiled to herself, watched him from the shadows and felt the protruding, sharp points of the teeth that made her what she was.


So, I've written a tale about a vampyre. No garlic or stakes. No sparkles. Simply a woman, with really sharp teeth, who desires a man. With a bit of a twist. One I hope you'll enjoy.

This isn't where Lily lives, but it is a picture for the scavenger hunt!

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