Friday, December 14, 2012

Welcome to starr words and the Purrrfectly Giftastic Christmas Blog Hop! First off, make sure you head to the Hop's page for the list of participants. Visit these authors' blogs and the chances of filling your stocking with books and gifts increases! And who doesn't like prezzies?

I don't know about you, but October and November seemed to be only a couple of weeks long each. December hasn't proven to be any slower. So, I feel really behind for the holidays this year. But then I look back and realize I've had short stories published in two different collections in these three months.

In Tales From The Mist, my story Dead Lily Blooms, is about one of Death's gatherers, and the vampyre he's required to bring to Death's gates.

Just released Martini Madness, contains the tale Death and the Dryad. Death needed someone--who better than a soulless dryad?

So I guess the days passed so quickly because I actually was productive. Sometimes it's a good thing to stop and take account of what you've really accomplished! I think you'll find your list is longer than you thought.

Back to the fun of the season! What might Santa Cat bring you from *lizzie and starr words? A cool stretchy bracelet in your favorite color or one of *lizzie's books in the electronic format of your choice! Leave a comment with your email and the color you love best. You'll get an extra chance in the drawing if you mention how you follow *lizzie--blog, facebook, twitter. Whatever. Goku, my bro's cat, will choose the winners on December 18th.

Happy Holidays!

Goku ignoring me... as usual.