Sunday, January 4, 2015

sma-R-t Goals

(welcome to day R, which today also stands for Repeat. Like I'm repeating this blog.)
Lots of Rs today: Realistic, Relevant, Reasonable, Rewarding, Results-oriented.

Much of what I said yesterday about Achievable goals is Relevant today. Your goals should fall within your personal resources, knowledge and time and should push you--your skills and knowledge--but not be so unReasonable that it breaks your writing spirit.

Having Realistic goals, doesn't mean you've made easy goals. If you aim too low, or don't frequently review your goal success and build upon it, you are sending the message to your subconscious that you aren't capable. It is difficult to reach a balance though, since making your goals too difficult is a simple set up for failure. Review your goals, over and over. Weekly is excellent, but take the time at least monthly for some serious goal review and consideration.

Continually set the bar high enough to give yourself the satisfaction of achievement.

(As I was reading this over, I Realized that I'm particularly bad at reviewing my goals on a timely and consistent basis. So I've been missing out on celebrating the small accomplishments that lead ultimately to large accomplishments--in this case, a completed story to share with the world. Which problem do you have with your goals? Do make them too easy--or too difficult to achieve?)