Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Visit from Billie A. Williams

 Welcome to Starr Words, Billie! I'm so glad you're stopping here on your blog tour! 
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For the readers/commenters Billie will draw one name from all the blog sites to get an autographed copy of the print version of Fin, Fur and Fatal another Mystery in the Zodiac Sleuths Series. (That is stateside – if the name drawn is overseas or Canada-- it will be a download version.)

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And now, without further ado...

Dilemma: Entertainment or Donation to Your Favorite Charity In Today’s Economy? Why Choose, You Can Do Both.

Named best-seller by her publisher in May of 2010 Billie A Williams
donates 25% of her royalties to light up Amberg, Wisconsin for Christmas.

In today’s economy sometimes it’s a tossup between affordable entertainment and a charitable donation. Billie A Williams solves this dilemma with her, appropriately titled book, Money Isn’t Everything, released May 2010 by Wings ePress, Inc. Publisher, by donating twenty-five percent of each of her quarterly royalties to the Amberg Community Action Association she hopes to help buy Christmas decorations and lights for the streets of Amberg.

This is Williams twenty-ninth novel with two more scheduled for release one in July and one in September of 2010.

Money Isn’t Everything. It isn’t love, it isn’t security and it can’t buy loyalty. It can be a tool –OR—a murder weapon and it can be a donation to a worthy cause.

Best-selling, award-winning, multi-published author, are a few of the honors bestowed on Williams since her first published essay “Dandelion With Angel Wings,” hit the pages of Thema, Literary Magazine in the year 2000. Her first novel, Death by Candlelight, soon followed in 2001. More releases followed every year since, some under a pseudonym and they now total thirty-four, with five of the published books being nonfiction dedicated to the art and craft of writing.

Every one of her published books gives twenty-five percent of her royalties to a worthy
cause, charity or organization.

Money Isn’t Everything is available in bookstores, online, from the publisher or autographed copies from the author. Won’t you join her and help celebrate Christmas in Amberg. To learn more, check out her many releases and read some excerpts, go to

               A Mary March Mystery/Suspence
May 2010 release
ISBN 978-1-59705-443-2
(electronic)978-1-59705-592-5 (print)
MARY MARCH is a CNA at Idle A While Nursing Home
When she discovers elder abuse and financial
mis-dealings, misappropriation of residents funds--
she puts on her sleuthing mind and sets out to find out
who, why and how. Dr. Tanner Irish and her friend
Penny Lane try to help. Jayde Blarney is out to see
none of them survive let alone spill the beans.

The next stop on Billie's blog tour is with author Janice Kaat!


  1. Lizzie,
    I'm delighted to be part of this beautiful blog. Thanks for doing such a great job.
    Many sales to you!

  2. Good morning! What a great way to earn money for charity. Truly inspired. The book sounds marvelous. I'm off to check out your recipe on *lizzie's other blog :)

  3. Twenty-nine books!!!??? Goodness, I knew you had a lot but didn't realize it was that many! Can I be you when I grow up?? :-)

    Lizzie--great blog you have here!!

  4. Fantastic blog site, Lizzie! And Billie Williams is truly an outstanding example for all of us who know her. She also writes terrific, cliff-hanging mysteries to keep her readers on the edge of their chairs.
    I love your blog site and will be back. Good luck, Billie and Lizzie
    Pat McCain Cerise
    New Beginnings

  5. It's so generous of Billie to donate a part of her royalties to a worthy cause. I think that's admirable.

  6. A girl after my own heart who loves Christmas lights! What a great idea.

    The book sounds great, too.

    (Odd, I know, how this blog has nothing to do with birds, yet I wanted to type the word.)

    Darn, I can't see the visual verification. Wonder if it's bird?

  7. You nailed her right pon the head. Billie has unmeasurable talents that words can't deacribe. One can only feel through her books and see her ideas and pictures in the movie ahe plays oin our minds.

  8. I had to pop in to read the comments, and blush at your generosity and Kind words. All I can say is thank you all - for your very kind words.
    I love to write and, incidentally, I love BIRDS so Cheryl that may be why you wanted that word here = ).
    Lizzie's blog is super and I sure enjoyed being here.
    Have a fabulous week - until we speak again.

  9. Billie, you are a generous soul. The birds are singing your praises. We could all learn from you!
    Thank you for your giving heart and good luck with your new book.

  10. Wow! Had no idea you had written so many books in so few years. Good on you, Billie!

    Thanks Lizzie for the post!

  11. Mary Karen and Robin - thank you both for your comments - Just doing what comes naturally = ) but I appreciate the kind words.
    Your names will be in the drawing for prizes.
    Thanks again to everyone and especially Lizzie for the beautiful job she did. Sure made me look good {grin}

  12. Well, I don't know what happened to my comment, so I will try again. If this doesn't work, then I don't know :-( !
    Nice Blog Lizzie, will check out Billie's recipe later. Didn't realize you had written so many books Billie, but what you are doing with 25% of your royalties is wonderful. Christmas has always been my favorite Holiday.
    Your Novel sounds interesting. From the title I wouldn't have thought it to be a Mystery Suspense Novel...But then again...
    Wishing you the best.

  13. What a wonderful thing to do! I hope it goes very well for you.