Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fly Well and Free, Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey 
April 1, 1926-November 21,2011

I read my first Anne McCaffrey tale when I was in college. And so started my love affair with the many different worlds of this talented lady. From dragons to psi talents, alien invasions and romance, Anne carried me from world to world, never giving me the chance to doubt the reality of what I read.

Through my encouragement, others discovered these worlds, eagerly awaiting each new tale, then devouring that book as soon as it hit the shelves. What great discussions we've had!

As a writer, I've been told I create believable fantasy and far distant worlds. A good part of the credit for that goes to Anne McCaffrey and the example she set, both as a world builder and as a pioneer and master of science fiction. 

She is my writing hero.

There's much written about her on the web, but if you're interested in a summary, wikipedia does a fine job.

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