Friday, September 30, 2011

I Love Rocks

Uh oh. I missed blogging yesterday with a computer cut free from the internet. Withdrawal? You bet. But the router has been upgraded and things seem to be moving along nicely this morning. So, here's a short 100 day challenge blog for today. (I'll try to catch up with the missed blog later!)

I love rocks. Plain weathered rocks from a path or shaped and polished to gem quality, I just love 'em.  Some are for holding and contemplation. Some for studying and admiring. Some are just because I like the shape, size, color, feeling... Guess it comes down to the fact I simply enjoy surrounding myself with stones. I've been told I have an earth spirit, so that makes sense!

I'm not the only one in my household that is a rock lover. Whenever we go to a rock show, my brother picks at least one geode from the bin and has it split. This is one of my favorites--in fact, I kinda appropriated this one. Although you can't see it well, there is a bit of pale amethyst among the crystals. But what I like best is the shape of the cavity.

I write romance. What a bonus to open a geode and find a heart! Okay, some folks may not see the raggedy shape as a heart, and that's okay. It's my rock and I'll see what I want in it. :)

Oh, and did I mention that my favorite shape for a polished stone is a sphere? Yep, I love balls too. (and you can make of that whatever you will!)

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