Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Star Wars and Writer's Block

A few days ago I was going through a drawer where I've stashed empty journals. Like so many writers (and others) I have a thing for paper, and notebooks, and journals and pens. So... the drawer. I found some interesting things--like the attempted start of a journal after I was divorced. Hey, at least now I can figure out the date. Never let it be said I have a good sense of time in the day/month/year aspect.

One of my stashed blank books is a Star Wars journal celebrating 20 years of the phenomenal galaxy far, far away. (Not a new journal, huh?)

Star Wars... (the original movie, the first one made, which is now the fourth movie, arrgh, it gets so confusing...THE Star Wars). There's always been something about this movie that sparks my desire to tell my own stories. In fact, long ago, in a notebook thankfully far, far away, I started a story to explain the beginning of The Force and Yoda's birth and subsequent part in developing the ancient religion. At that time, it wasn't a well written start--although there are still promising ideas that come from that beginning.

Even now, watching Star Wars makes my fingers twitch to start storytelling. It doesn't matter if the tale I'm working on isn't space fantasy--the movie sparks my muse. Writer's block? Hey, it's a great excuse to watch a movie.

There are other movies in my list of block breakers... but Star Wars will forever stand at the top of the list.

How about you? After reading this **100 day challenge post** are there movies that help you get past the tough spots in writing--or life itself?

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