Saturday, September 24, 2011

Waiting for Windows

The house where I live is getting new windows! Hooray--I'll be able to open and close them for fresh air without having to stand on the crank to get it to turn. And I'm not putting the mini-blinds back up. I don't need 'em. I don't want 'em. When I pull back the curtains I want a clear view of the world outside...

when Goku isn't in the way, that is. Handsome fellow, isn't he? I'm sure he'll enjoy the new windows too, batting at bugs and those things that only kitties can see.

And so will Lessa... until she gets dog snot all over her level of viewing.

When there comes a day I'm having trouble thinking of what words to use to fill up my 100 word challenge, maybe I'll write about what my four-legged housemates see when they look out the window.

I don't have to wonder what the fish think...
 Feed me. Hungry. Hungry....

What ideas come to you when you look out a window?

**this has been a 100 day challenge post