Friday, January 6, 2012

Dyslexic Turn Signal Girl

That was what I had to call myself the other day. And not just then. I've noticed an unfortunate tendency in my turn signal usage. 

After happily sitting in a left turn lane, waiting for a long light, I made my turn. But my turn signal didn't stop. Those who know me will understand that moment of panic (Monte is an older car with an assortment of aches and pains). Now what's wrong?

Uh, nothing was wrong except that I'd had the poor car signalling to turn right all that time. Worse yet...this wasn't the first time I'd done that.

At least my turn signal dyslexia has only shown up with intended left hand turns. I think.

Maybe I should use the old fashioned hand signals.

I hope other drivers just shake their heads at my lack of concentration. (Yeah, that's it. I'm plotting stories, thinking about a hero...) 

Hey, I've indicated that I'm turning. Even if I do go the other way. That's more than a lot of drivers do. 

So, if you see me waiting to turn left, but the right turn signal is blinking away, give me props for my turn signal use and don't worry. I really do know where I'm going.

How's your signal use? How angry do you get with folks who don't use their signals?
Drive safe everyone!