Monday, January 2, 2012

It's finally New Years

I know it's the second of January and the new year started officially yesterday, but it just didn't seem like New Year's Day.

Now it does.
And why is that? Because I've watched the Rose Bowl parade and now it's football time.
As usual, the Rose Parade was spectacular, although I always wish they'd spend a little more time showing the equestrian groups. Especially those lovely miniature horses. I watched HGTV and they did spend a bit of time on one horse, though--Roy Roger's Trigger.

I haven't decided whether I think it's cool they put the real, mounted Trigger (and Bullet the dog) on the float, or if it's kinda morbid. The float honoring Roy Rogers was sponsored by a local cable network (RFD-TV) based out of Omaha, and since they own Trigger now, it makes sense.

Football time--Nebraska vs. South Caroline in the Capital One Bowl.
Lots of red there, but of course, for me, it's the Nebraska red that counts--no matter the outcome of the game. Still, a Go Big Red win would cap the day nicely.
So finally--for me, it's a Happy New Year!

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