Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy 145th Birthday Nebraska!

Today the fourth grade class lead the lunch room in singing Happy Birthday to our beautiful Nebraska. One hundred forty-five years ago, Nebraska became the 37th state. 

I'm aging myself a bit here, but I remember Nebraska's centennial birthday occurred while I was about the age of today's lunch room chorus. Way back then everyone wore pioneer clothes to school that day. I was proud of my dress--my Grandma wore it for the Golden Spike Days in Omaha, 1939. Since Omaha was the Union Pacific Railroad headquarters, Cecil B. DeMille's film Union Pacific premiered there and area folks dressed in period clothing for the four day celebration.  Hmm, I think somewhere in a box of photos and memorabilia I have a newspaper clipping with Gramma in her dress. I'll have to look for that! 

But, back to my time in the dress. A bit of alteration, the addition of a bonnet and shawl and I was ready to celebrate 100 years of statehood.

And now, it's 45 years later and we still celebrate our beautiful Nebraska!

Here's the state song and some great photographs from around the state--and world.

What memories do you have from a state or country birthday celebration? I'd love to hear!