Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome to the Shelves--Wild Keltic Carouselle

I stayed up way too late a couple nights ago, but the fourth tale in the Double Keltic Triad is now available for adding to readers' cyber shelves. This was a fun book to write--introducing new characters to the series and learning some astounding facts about a favorite secondary character. No matter how well I might think I know a character, they do like to surprise me.

And the cover's purple. Excellently perfect thanks to my cover designer Jingraphix!

Falling in love was easy. But demons of the past and evil-doers intent on destroying the present tear Carrie and Bryce from their newfound love, throwing them into a world of deception, lies and revenge. Will family, unexpected allies and magic be enough to keep that love alive?

A short excerpt to tempt you...

A faint pink covered Carrie’s cheeks and she glanced away. Bryce took the opportunity to study the woman cradling his daughter so carefully in a completely relaxed, natural embrace.

Her highlighted, golden brown hair was pulled back with a clip. Strands had escaped the confinement and trailed loosely around her face and down her neck. A tiny spot of whipped cream, a remnant from her beverage, hovered just above her upper lip. A shapely lip, poised above the lush, kissable pout the lower.

Yep. Definitely kissable.

Her lips moved and pulled into a wide smile. Guiltily, Bryce lifted his gaze. Chocolate brown eyes twinkled as if she fought to control some hidden amusement.

He’d been caught.

“Uh, sorry for staring.”

“’S okay. Actually, I’m used to it.”

He could believe that.

“But, it’s not usually my face being stared at.” Carrie chuckled, a low throaty sound that insisted he respond. He did, in a pure, naturally male way. His gaze dropped to her breasts. She chuckled again, her body moving against the soft material of her shirt.

The Sahara Desert would seem lush and tropical in comparison to the sudden dryness in his mouth. Her breasts were—perfect. Neither overly large, nor small enough to need padding. Nope, there was no padding there. In fact, if she even wore a bra, it had to be one of those soft athletic things. He could see the tantalizing, firming peak of...

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What do you think of an exotic dancer as a heroine? (I know, the question's out of the blue--but not really when considering Wild Keltic Carouselle.)