Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time Travel--It's All About The Bow Tie

Welcome to our International Time Travel Day blog hop. The 12 authors listed below have banded together to share thoughts and tales and...prizes on this exciting day. That is...if we can all come together during our travels through time.

I've always loved the thought of time travel, probably from the time my 6th grade teacher read A Wrinkle In Time to the class. Imagine... folding space and time to get from one place to another. Imagine...

And I suppose I did. As I watched movies I discovered other ways to travel through time. From a whirling Victorian machine to a DeLorean, scientists invented the means to transport themselves to another time. 

Or perhaps it was a blessin' to make an entire village appear for only one day every 100 years. A knock on the head takes us to wonderful places and times. Visiting a mystical castle or standing in the shadow of standing stones might find you in some other time.

Sometimes, we never know exactly what causes a passage through time. But, seriously...a hot tub? (Okay, I'll admit it, I enjoyed that movie.)

I watch all the programs I can on theories of time travel and love, love, love string theory. Now, ask if I understand it? Knowing is right there--right in the forefront of my brain, so... almost. When I attempted a physics class in college I was lost the moment the professor said, "Good Morning." In another time, I must have been a scientist---it's all so fascinating. Hopefully I understood the concepts and theories then.

Of course now--for me time travel is all about a big blue box and a bow tie!

Leave a comment with your favorite mode of time transportation or a favorite book or movie. I'll use the sibs random number generator to pick the winner of an ebook of my time travel romance Fires of a Keltic Moon.

When I decided to write a time travel romance, I chose magic as my means of transport. My Faerie folk live in a parallel world to this human earth and use magical portals to move between worlds. Once in a blue moon, a Faerie discovers they have the talent to also create portals through time. Lara Zeroun's talent is discovered when, at four years old, she loses herself in time. As an adult, she uses her ability to study different periods in history. When she no longer can find a direction for her life, she goes further back in time than she ever has, to the Highlands even before Scotland was, well, Scotland. 839 AD.

Lara Zeroun needs something in her life, so she opens a portal in time and travels to the ancient Highlands. But, how can she become involved with a dark, mysterious man who belongs to another time?
Due to the matriarchal line of inheritance, Iain is no longer able to lay claim to his father's lands. He's prepared to leave--until a golden-haired woman visits the manor on the arm of a wandering storyteller. But, with no land or possessions, Iain dares not succumb to the temptation of Lara.
Danger lurks in Iain's time and becomes a threat to Lara's present. Will Lara and Iain be able to defeat the evil and make their ways through time--finding the love they both desire?

 Lara’s back was to him, her bare back. She was curled in the old bathing tub and wet, dark-golden hair straggled between her shoulder blades.

Iain could not breathe, would not be able to move to save his life. Until she shivered.
“Ooh, close the door, Beitris, you’re letting in cold air.”

Iain sank against the door and stumbled back as it slid closed. The latch fell with a finality that made Iain jump away from the warm wood. A tremor ran along his skin. He should leave, should look away at the very least. But, he could not.

Lara lifted one arm over her shoulder, dangling a rag. “I’m almost done, but could you do me one more favor? Would you wash my back?”

Forgotten, the pile of clothing dropped with a soft swoosh to the floor. Iain moved in a trance, one hand lifting to take the rag from her fingers. Lara hunched forward exposing the narrow width of her back. He knelt behind her and dipped the rag in the warm water. Lara’s other hand lifted holding a lump of soap. When his palm touched the tips of her extended fingers, the soap plopped into his hand.

A pleased sigh expanded Lara’s shoulders. “Thank you. This is wonderful. And the soap is wonderful, too. The fragrance is much like what my grandmother makes for me.”

Iain soaped the rag but hesitated with it nearly touching her golden skin. Strange thin stripes of pale, creamy skin stood out in stark contrast to the darker tan. He ached to touch those stripes and taste them with his tongue. The breath burned tight in his chest.

Lara gasped when Iain rubbed the cloth softly over her back. Then she rotated her shoulders. “Ah, yes. That’s what I needed. You have been a great help to me today. Don’t stop, please.”

If he only could. Intense concentration kept him breathing, for the swirl of suds over her back was a potent aphrodisiac. When she swiped her hair forward over one shoulder, he could see a tiny red mark at the base of her neck, a birthing mark that begged for his kisses.

The growing tightness of his loins became unbearable. He shifted position. And dropped the rag. Unable to allow the torture of reaching beneath the water to search for it, he cleared his throat.

“Oh, my God. Iain? What are you doing here?” Lara sank as far into the water as she could and tried to cover herself with her hands. Accusation glared from her eyes. “Where’s Beitris?”

Iain willed himself to look away from her nakedness, to offer her the honor she deserved. All he could do was lower his gaze to the lump of soap still clutched between his fingers. Lara turned sideways in the narrow tub, arms wrapped over her breasts, and cocked her head to one side. Her eyes were wide while she waited for his answer. The sudden hard lump in his throat mimicked the firm ache of his groin. Somehow, he swallowed and found his strained voice.

“I brought you fresh clothing.” He winced and glanced at her. Did he truly sound so dull-witted?

“Oh. Beitris hasn’t been here?”

Iain shook his head. A shy grin gently stretched Lara’s lips. He could not draw his gaze from the rosy fullness. At least it was more honorable than looking at the pink skin below the waterline.

“You will have to finish rinsing my back, then.” She turned and leaned forward. After fishing through the water, she lifted the sopping rag to him. Iain held his palms out to her in denial and shook his head. “Please, I will itch terribly if you don’t wash off the soap.”

The thought of causing her discomfort centered painfully in his chest. He sighed the feeling away and took the offered rag. Using long, careful strokes, he rinsed the drying suds from her bent back. Even when there was no soapy residue remaining, Iain continued to swipe the rag across her skin. Her breathing changed subtly, matching his.

She straightened, lifting her chest from the water. The rag slipped from his fingers, but he continued to rub his palm lightly over her back. Her damp skin glistened. Unable to draw moisture to his mouth, Iain licked suddenly dry lips
There was only one relief. He lifted the dripping mass of her hair and touched his lips to the birthing mark.

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