Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Blog Hop

Birthdays... Can't say I really enjoy my own. And from the looks of this picture, I never have.
*lizzie at 8
Nope, the birthday girl didn't like her crown, although it looks like everyone else is enjoying the goodies. 
Now, I'd just as soon totally forget any day that hints at my birthday. Since I can't seem to ever remember how old I am anyway, that's probably a good idea. 

Except for one birthday at work--I'm a lunch lady--I put a row of candles along my serving line and told the kids who asked that was how old I was. Luckily the line moved quickly enough they weren't able to complete counting the colorful wax sticks. And there's no escaping the repeated singing of the birthday song. 

Warren Rice 100 Years Old
I do love helping others celebrate their birthdays. In 2007 my grandfather turned 100. Despite some family sadness only a few weeks before, the celebration weekend was spectacular. Family and friends gathered to celebrate the life of Warren Rice. The best part of the weekend? Family stories that took us back through the years to 1907! 

It's my goal to match Grampa's age (he passed shortly before his 102nd birthday)--as well as his sharp mind and indomitable spirit. And have a chocolate cake that's just as luscious and huge!

To celebrate all kinds of birthdays--especially Carrie Ann Ryan's (the founder of this hop) I'm giving away a gift card to your choice of online bookstore. Leave a comment before you hop on to the next author's blog to have your name in the drawing. Comments will also be eligible for the grand prize of a Kindle Touch or an Amazon gift card. Carrie Ann will draw for the grand prizes on the 7th and I'll get the sibs random generator going and pick my winner as well.

Good luck and 
No matter what day you celebrate!