Friday, April 6, 2012

Hoppy Easter Blog Hop

Yep, I double scheduled my blog hops. Looking for the Birthday Hop, simply scroll down or check the archive list on the right. :)

Here now is ... 
Click on the link below the bright and shiny Hoppy Easter egg to find the list of participating authors and their prizes. The more you visit, the more chances you have to win.

What's in store for you at starrwords? I could talk about my family's Easter  traditions, but I doubt they're much different than many of yours. I could talk about the smooth creamy wonderfulness of a chocolate bunny..... Sorry. Chocolate's as distracting as a shiny new idea sometimes.

Moai decked out in their Easter bonnets
How about a few words about Rapa Nui? I've always found the history and legends of this small Polynesian island interesting. Called Easter Island after the first European contact on Easter Sunday 1722, the land and people have been through trials and downward spirals that would floor many of us today. Yet, they survived war, disease, starvation and backbreaking artistic endeavors. The resulting Moai are fascinating, aren't they? Or...are they the product of ancient aliens?

I won't keep you here any longer with the random thoughts racing through my head right now. Leave a comment telling me if you'd ever like to visit Rapa Nui and add your email below for a chance for an Amazon gift card! If you follow this blog and let me know, you'll get a second entry. All names will be entered into the sibs random generator and the winner chosen April 9th.
Have a Joyous Easter!

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