Monday, December 29, 2014

(A few years ago I wrote a number of short posts on goals for another blog. Now that it's time to focus on goals for 2015, I thought I'd repost these a reminder to myself! And anyone else who needs a kick in the goals pants. So...have you worked on your goals yet?)

The end of this year approaches, and of course, that means a new year beginning. And for those who set goals (and that should be everyone!) the new year means new goals written in the back of our desk calendars. Or on a sheet tacked to the bulletin board. Or in a document on your computer. As long as they're written down somewhere you can look at them and be reminded.

Now is a really good time to review your 2014 goals. Seriously consider those goals, the actions you took to achieve them and how they compare to what you envisioned as the result. Look at each goal separately. What did you do well? What could have been done better?

Most importantly, consider what prevented you from accomplishing an incomplete goal. Is there a price you weren't willing to pay or changes you weren't willing to consider to make the goal happen?

Are your goals still important to you? We are constantly and continually changing beings. What we want, or think we want, changes along with us. Do you continue to put a goal on your list because you think you should--or is it something you really want?

Use these last days of December to reflect on this year's goals. Then when you turn your calendar to the first of January, you'll be better able to achieve your new goals.