Friday, December 12, 2014

It's Not a Christmas Song

You know how there are minor, insignificant things in the world that irritate the heck out of you--for no reason. Well, that's how I feel about the song "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. No, I don't dislike the song at all (that's reserved for "Frosty the Snowman"). It's just despite the number of versions and times it's played over the holidays, the song IS NOT a Christmas song. I don't care if the lyrics mention warm woolen mittens and packages tied up with string. Not a Christmas song in my world.

Okay, enough crankiness. So, what brought on this tiny rant from a inch high soapbox? Addictive Reads is having a holiday event. And during the event some of our authors are talking about our some of our favorite holiday things. Here are some of mine...

Holiday music. Like this. Now, this is Christmas music!

I love giving gifts--getting them, not so much.
Hallmark movies. Yep, I'll even watch them in July.
Watching the kids at school practice their Christmas program. I try to catch the dress rehearsal, since there's limited room during the performance.
Ooh shiny trees and decorations when someone else puts them up.
Fudge. Enough said.
Gatherings with friends and family.

There's more, many more favorite things about the Holidays, but we're only supposed to list a few. Do follow the links below to discover more favorites from Addictive Reads Authors. And here's the scoop on our event and giveaways.

Happy Holidays!

From December 12-31, 2014, we’re hosting a giveaway where you have the chance to win a Kindle Fire HD 7 pre-loaded with over 30 of our novels, novellas, and short stories (an approx. retail value of $239). Click on the side banner for more information!

We’re also offering up $50, $20, and $15 gift cards as prizes. The winners will be able to choose to receive their gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, B&N, or Google Play. (Note: Winners for the gift cards will be selected from world wide entries. Unfortunately due to the cost of shipping overseas, the grand prize will be limited to U.S. entries only.)

Our authors have each posted about A FEW OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS on their individual blogs. We hope you’ll join us there and tell us about your favorite part of the holidays. You just might find even more prizes up for grabs at some of those sites! Follow the Links below.

And if you have a minute, leave a comment about some of your favorite things for this holiday season!