Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Focusing on Goals and...Oooh, Shiny!

(Day two of past posts on goals. From the first sentence you can see how long ago I first wrote this. Time doesn't change the impact of these words. I am SO guilty of making long lists of goals. And even longer lists of how to achieve these goals. So, my first small goal for 2015 is to follow the advice I wrote about all those years ago. What about you? Will you join me?)

I was asked last night what my writing goals for 2011 are. My honest answer--I haven't really thought that much about them yet. I need to do the review work I talked about here a few days ago. (Yesterday's post is here.)

One thing I do know...it's really easy to make this long list of goals, both professional and personal. But then, when you look at that list, it can be oh so daunting. Scary. Overwhelming. OMG, I can't do all this.

Take a long, serious time of consideration when you look at your goals for the coming year. It's fine to have a detailed list, but how do you focus on the whole thing!

You can't. Goal ADD doesn't work. Skipping from one to another because the new goal is so much more--interesting? Easy to accomplish?--doesn't work. Choose two or three goals--no more! Put your focus, your full attention on these objectives until you've completed them. Look at them every day. Even better, write them down every day. There is something in the act of writing something down that makes it real. Seriously considered these goals--every day. Every day!

Taking the simple action of consistently focusing on just a couple goals will inspire you to success!

So. Make your list of goals. Choose the two most important. And Focus!