Friday, October 14, 2011

A Good Year for Spiders

A good year if you're a spider. A bad year for spiders if, like me, you find them frightening. In either case, spiders have prospered this year, large numbers of them growing big and fat--and moving inside now that the weather's getting cooler.


Yesterday I got home from work and opened the garage door. My car was half way into the garage when I noticed a not so small spider hanging from the garage door opener. Right where I'd be opening my door in just a few seconds. Needless to say, I didn't go any further. In fact, I backed up a bit. Got out of the car. Edged around the other vehicle in the garage until I got to the broom.

It's not easy for me to dispose of a spider. I truly believe they'll come back and haunt me. However, once one enters MY space... there's only one thing to be done. And I did it. Got back in my car and parked. I didn't stop having the 'crawlies' until safely inside the house with the door firmly closed. Sure, I know there's probably spiders in the house, but as long as I don't see them, we're both okay.

And I really do try not to exaggerate a spider's size when I see one, but fear always seems to magnify what we're afraid of, doesn't it? The garage spider was about the size of the cute spider picture. Only hairier.

This morning? I turned on the garage light and scanned the area before I moved to the car. My spidey sense wasn't tingling, so I was safe.

And I like feeling safe.

**This spider brought to by the 100 blog challenge**