Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Day to Celebrate Time.

On this day in 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show premiered. I truly appreciate a man in makeup. Maybe this movie started that... obsession.
Of course, when you're talking about time...

But that's not the only timey wimey bit for today. The BBC announced on this date 10 years ago that Doctor Who would be returning, bringing the big blue box back to us.

The Doctor's been traveling in and out of our time for 50 years now! A 'new' Doctor regenerates later this year to hold the key to the TARDIS...and our hearts.

So how will you celebrate time with me today? Just remember to use it wisely!


  1. OMG I used to be a Rocky Horror groupie! Tim Curry rocks!

  2. He sure does, Amy. He's a huge favorite...and he looks so good in the makeup. :)