Saturday, September 28, 2013

An Experience In Blue

Today I had the pleasure to see the Blue Man Group.
This was the second time I've seen these remarkable performers and had the chance to experience their unique blend of music, comedy and wild multi-media fun. This time there were more children in the audience--their laughter was contagious. 

I loved the music the best--who knew you could make such sounds with plumbing pipes. But like they said, the world is interconnected through our plumbing. And I'm glad the building was sturdy. The deep base vibrations even made the water in my bottle vibrate. Nice.

At one point, the Blue Men were playing Lady Gaga. One by one they brought out Gaga headgear. Except... they are in Nebraska. So the last man brought out a cornhead. If you're from Nebraska, you can imagine the cheers. If you're not from Nebraska... this is a cornhead.

During the bows at the end, the group brought out their musicians and the backstage crew. That made me happy. I will always add my appreciation for those behind the scenes--who are not often remembered. Thank you to the Blue Man Group--and their supporting players.

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