Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Face Palm, Head Desk, Refrigerator, Sheldon

It's one of those days. You know, the ones where you should have stayed in bed? Or perhaps I should blame the computer breakdown for crashing over to the rest of life.

Did you know it's really difficult to work on a manuscript when the word option on the old computer is even older? It's a challenge to work with formatting when...well, let's just say sometimes Word has a mind of its own. Or doesn't recognize a file location. Arrgh. Face palm.

And doesn't it make you just a tad bit frustrated to have lovely, beautiful looking fresh peaches planned for lunch, then when you start cutting them for service, they're all internally bruised, grainy and dry? Or when you don't catch that perfect moment when the burrito is heated perfectly and when all the meaty, cheesy goodness bursts forth? Or when the milk delivery guy, who always fills the service line cooler--doesn't? Head desk.

What does the refrigerator have to do with all this? Ah...while digging for my yogurt this morning, wondering why my household really has three--THREE--open containers of sour cream, I conked the back of my head on the freezer door.

Something tells me I should have known.

But, in happier news--on this date in 2007, The Big Bang Theory premiered.