Monday, September 30, 2013

Do Mondays Always Have To Be Monday?

Mondays are okay. I really don't mind them. But do they have to be stereotypical?

Today's list: Since I'm the lunch lady at a church school, there's usually little bits and pieces of the weekend I need to tidy up before I can start my work. No difference there today. My helper is sick (Get Well Soon!!!!) so I have her duties to remember to get done. It's getting cooler out, so the mice are moving in...disposal time for a nice, fat pair. The little drip tray from the dispenser I use for ice water at lunch has wandered off. That's the weird one.

The kicker for today---my delivery went to a different school. In a different CITY! Good thing I wasn't planning on any of that for lunch today. Or tomorrow. 

And it's only the middle of the morning! 

How's your Monday?