Monday, October 14, 2013

National School Lunch Week 2014

At my DDJ (Delightful Day Job) it's National School Lunch Week. We're joining in with schools across the nation in celebration of healthy and tasty school lunches. This year's theme is, as shown in the picture, School Lunch Across the USA. After dividing the nation into five regions, I've planned lunches that feature foods and dishes from each area. Hey it worked out great--five regions, five days, five fun meals. (If you're interested in the menu, you can hop over to the lunch lady blog and see what's for lunch each day.)

National School Lunch Week facts--

Created in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy, NSLW is:

**A celebratory week of events and activities promoting the benefits of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).
**The NSLP began in 1946 and is the largest of the federal child nutrition programs.
**In 180 school days, 5.2 billion school lunches are served in 99,000 schools— that is approximately 32 million healthy
meals per day!
**95% of U.S. elementary and secondary school students are enrolled in schools that participate in the NSLP.

The wild and colorful board in my lunchroom.

So, even though the government is shut down--and yes, that does affect school lunch programs--we're havin' some great food this week and celebration the diversity of our nation.

But tell me...what was your favorite lunch when you were in school? (Chili and cinnamon rolls is still a favorite here!)