Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Tuesday Teaser

Uh oh. Tuesday's winding down and I haven't done my challenge blog yet. So how about an excerpt from the book that started my journey.
By Keltic Design

She turned around, lifting her eyes to his. There was a moment of strained silence between them before she covered her mouth with her hand, squinted at him and giggled.

Jaye took a swift step back, his arms dropping to his sides with a soft slap. Consternation drew his brows together. “Look, Allyn. I meant what I said. I don’t think this is a laughing matter. I...”

Apology swept before her as Allyn closed the distance between them. “Your hair is sticking out all over your head. What have you been doing?” She giggled again and the sound filled a place within Jaye he didn’t realize was empty, didn’t even know was there. She smoothed the hair on the top of his head and let her hand slide softly down behind his ear and onto his shoulder.

Jaye couldn’t resist the invitation lurking in the depths of her eyes any more than he could deny the desire rising below his waist. “My hair is not important,” he growled and pulled her against him. Her startled gasp was a feather light touch against his cheek. Her fingers traced their way back through his hair to disturb the waves she had just smoothed.

His hand at her waist drew her closer. The other cradled the back of her head, where Jaye curled his fingers into the silk of her hair. He tilted her head back gently to look again into her remarkable eyes. The invitations within their violet depths become the willing acceptance of her desire, and her eyes burned with blue flame.

After Jaye lowered his eyes to her slightly parted lips, his mouth was drawn to hers for the softest of touches. She quivered beneath the caress.
A crescent of lashes lay against the soft curves of her cheeks and her lips parted to whisper his name. He had been wrong. The chains binding him were not silver. Instead they were forged of sparkling blue flame.

Savoring the feel of her in his arms, Jaye teased her lips with his tongue and nipped at the fullness with gentle teeth. He groaned when her small hand trailed heat to the side of his face. He sought to slow the desire, but when the heated silk of her tongue met his, uncontrollable wildfires raged though him. Like an arsonist, he craved fire and stoked the flames with the deft dance of his tongue, until the heat was too much and he tore himself away, gasping for breath.

Allyn’s eyes popped open. Her fingers flexed, trying to ease Jaye’s mouth back to hers. Their ragged breathing was harsh in the quiet room and his chest rose and fell against her sensitive nipples. When she leaned into his arms, he eased away.

Startled, she took a shaky step back. Jaye’s eyes were closed, his face tight as he fought for control. But control was the last thing Allyn wanted. “Jaye?”

He rocked back on his heels and took her hands in his when they slid from his shoulders to his chest. Holding her fingers over his heart, he kept his eyes tightly closed. Allyn tipped her head to one side and looked past him to the wall where her awards hung. Glaring in the spotlight of her fear was the certificate he had asked about earlier. The reason he knew how much older she was. Panicked, she struggled to move away.

“Don’t.” Allyn froze at the soft word. Jaye’s hands gripped hers more tightly. Easing closer, she tried to read the emotions behind his closed eyelids. It was minutes, hours, or heartbeats later when Jaye opened his eyes and smiled tentatively, looking so like a hopeful little boy she couldn’t restrain a smile in return.

The moon’s reflection glistened in his eyes when Jaye turned his face to the window. She knew the decision had been made.

Expecting nothing more than good-bye, she held her breath. She was prepared. Although she tried again to slip her hands from his, he held them firmly for a moment before he let them go. Her palms flattened against his chest just over his racing heart and tried to imprint the feel of him into her memory, storing it away before he left her.

His voice remained rough and husky even after Jaye cleared his throat. “If we were in a movie this would be where I carry you off to the bedroom.”

Allyn didn’t understand; she couldn’t have heard him correctly. She must have given him a strange look for he stepped back, disappointment filling his face and dulling his eyes. Allyn took a deep breath and an even bigger chance. “That would be foolish.”

Despondent, the faint hope still lighting his face faded and his shoulders slumped. Allyn thought her heart would break. Stepping close to lay one hand on his shoulder, she leaned into him, pressing her breasts against his arm. The soft stubble on his cheek tickled her lips as she brought them close to his ear. “I can walk.”

Allyn took Jaye’s hand and led him from her workroom. Changing expressions flew across his face while she directed him through the front parlor.

First, he was bewildered, as if having difficulty putting the meaning to her whispered words. Then, astonishment dawned in his eyes, pulling his somber lips into a grin. By the time they reached the top of her narrow staircase, desire had once again darkened his eyes to midnight black.

Allyn led him to her bedroom door and paused. Was this really what he wanted or was she reading her own desires into his actions? How could she consider this? How much pain was she setting herself up for?

Placing his hands on her shoulders, Jaye moved her gently, bringing her back into his embrace. By smoothing his hands up and down her arms, he created tremors that threatened to fully collapse her already watery knees. Kisses were pressed into her hair. She felt him inhale deeply then exhale with a sigh, his breath stirring her hair softly.

“Your hair smells like...” Jaye nuzzled her hair. “It’s indescribable, like nothing I’ve smelled before, yet so very familiar.”

Allyn canted her head to one side. Jaye’s lips traveled from her hair to her neck. She could barely speak. “It’s a rinse made from flowers and herbs. Your mo...a friend blends it just for me.”

The reply was muffled against her neck. “It’s perfect.” His hands slid to her waist and eased their way slowly to her ribcage. She couldn’t catch her breath, every muscle tensed, waiting. Jaye’s fingers traced the underside of her breasts and tickled their way to the sensitive tips. Arching her back pushed her pebbled nipples into his palms. Her head fell back against his shoulder; her eyes closed.

Jaye kissed the corner of her mouth. His lips rested against her cheek while his palms drew tiny circles of fire from her nipples. She felt him smile.

Mischief warred with desire in eyes dark as a stormy night sky when he turned her to face him. The smile grew sultry and he waggled his eyebrows. “Is this where I sweep you off your feet?”

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