Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Plus One Report

I planned to write this blog yesterday, but I was distracted by a breadstick. It just goes to show me, that a distraction doesn't have to be shiny!

So, on with a few comments on the HyVee Employee Recognition banquet.

I learned some interesting facts about the company (waving to the social media watchers!) and enjoyed the CEO's talk. A room with nearly 800 people can raise a lot of energy. And this was only one of many recognition events. HyVee is a big company.

Jennifer--with her 5 year flowers
The sister tends to be a little shy, and I know the recognition part of the evening was a bit of a trial. She stood in a LONG line waiting her turn to cross the stage, and get her picture taken with the CEO shaking her hand. While being shown on two huge screens. I complement the organizers for, well, their organization. Getting that many people organized and across the stage in a relatively short amount of time was pretty impressive.

My hands hurt from clapping for each and every one of those recognized. In a world where people tend to float from one job to another (been there, done that), I'm impressed with the number of folks who've worked for HyVee for 20, 30, 40, 45 years!

yum, blurry lettuce
Of course I critiqued the meal. Hey, I'm a cook. It's what I do.
The salad was crispy and delightful--a lettuce wedge with bacon and bleu cheese crumbles, although the accompanying bleu cheese dressing made it a bit heavy.

For the main dish there was the requisite chicken breast with a fresh salsa. The chicken was well cooked and juicy--kudos. Three medallions of beef were okay. I do take issue with the potatoes. Mashing purple potatoes makes a grayish, gooey mass. They tasted okay, but...

Three wilty, overcooked asparagus dressed up the plate.

Dessert--chocolate cake. Well, half of one. With the other half a mass of whipped cream that tasted like a pre-made product with just a bit more vanilla and sugar. There was a tiny bit of sauce, I suppose vanilla, but I couldn't really tell. And a half strawberry for garnish. Now, if it were me, I would have put the strawberry so the pretty side shows, rather than the cut side.

    All in all, it was a delightful evening that I enjoyed sharing with my sister. Thank you to HyVee for the grand event, and especially for hiring a bus so I didn't have to drive! It's the small things...